How can I tell the difference?

1.) Shrink-band: ALL legitimate jars of Egyptian Magic either have a shrink seal or are sold in a protective clamshell. Most counterfeit jars also have a shrink seal, but a jar without a shrink seal is a guaranteed problem. If you receive a loose jar that does not have a shrink seal, send it back.

2.) Molded name on the bottom: Beginning in mid-2014, we have been molding the words “Egyptian Magic Skin Cream” on the bottom of our 4-oz jars. This is a good indication that a 4-oz jar is genuine.

3.) Coding on the bottom: This is no longer a way to judge authenticity of the product. In the past we have used laser-etched codes for the Lot Number and Use By date. This technique was difficult to counterfeit, but, unfortunately, it was also difficult to read and did not meet the legal labeling requirements in certain markets. As a consequence we have switched back to printed codes.

NOTE: We can’t guarantee that counterfeiters won’t duplicate this engraved coding. However, as of now, we have not seen a counterfeit jar with it. We will update this FAQ immediately if that changes.